"Intelligence guided by experience"

Raven Cell Security Consultants (Raven Cell) was founded by Brian Douglas, a Retired US Army Special Forces Veteran (Green Beret) of 22 years. Raven Cell delivers Risk Mitigation Strategies to our clients which include: Crime Analytics, Guard Force Training, Security Directives, Security Awareness Training, Threat Assessments and Travel Security.

Millions of Americans safely live, work, and vacation in Mexico, Central and South America each year. Recently, Transnational Criminal Organizations have demonstrated record levels of violence, which pressures stakeholders and their enterprises throughout the Americas. These trends petition augmented security management consulting. Raven Cell provides risk mitigation service to Corporate Headquarters Facilities, Industrial Plants, Distribution Chains, Executive Travel, Pharmaceutical Dispensaries, Private Residence, Energy Sector, and Local, State, Federal Governments.

"The special forces gave me the self-confidence to do something extraordinary with my life." -Brian Douglas

Over the years, Raven Cell has maintained a persistent presence throughout Latin America. We have forged political and cultural bonds that are as strong as they are many. In the face of adversity, these relationships shaped a cross cultural brotherhood where leadership, and discipline in the art of collection and study emerged.

"Being of Service to Something Greater Than Myself"

Our network practices teamwork, intellectual curiosity and cultural sensitivity to ensure the safety of our client. Raven Cell is committed to delivering a product of unique value to protect organizational goals and human capital.

"Provide superior quality advice and recommendations to ensure peace of mind to the decision maker."


Raven Cell employs a four-staged information processing framework in its methodical operational planning support system. Our system forecasts events and exposes risk while delivering near real-time ground truth to guide our business partners throughout their decision-making processes.
Raven Cell evaluates our client's goals and requirements with accuracy, sensitivity and complete discretion. We outline the physical limits of the area of interest and decide the extent of detail needed within the time available. While overlaying essential characteristics of an environment, our team finds existing information and uncover information gaps necessary to satisfy our client's requirements.
While assessing a threat, Raven Cell capitalizes on the use of historical data to develop a set of assumptions concurrently as we form information databases, where we securely store collected data. Our assumptions are then confirmed or negated by cross referencing them through a multitude of information sources to reduce the chance of inaccurate conclusions.
Raven Cell carefully analyzes, evaluates, interprets and integrates the information into area study models and matrices. The area study depicts what the threat habitually chooses to do, and the effects of an environment in which it is operating. In the form of event templates and a comprehensive set of models, we illustrate possible courses of actions available to a threat.
Raven Cell Intelligence Reports are tailored to the goals of our clients. Our Threat Assessments, Intel Estimates, Situation Reports, Intelligence Reports and Threat Briefs promise to be objective, timely, and most importantly accurate. Our reports drive situational awareness and serves as a key navigational tool while preparing organizational risk mitigation strategies.


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